Tomba! (PlayStation Games) Used


Tomba! (PlayStation Games)
Jump into a bizarre, action-packed world like no other. In this fast and frantic side-scrolling adventure you play as the pink-haired, high-jumping jungle boy Tombi.

In order to retrieve your lucky golden bracelet from the evil clutches of demonic pigs you’ll need to fight hard, duck, climb, explore, and race through a wide variety of unique and challenging quests.

Use your mace or your wood and stone boomerangs to do battle with dastardly pigs and creeping spiders. Keep a clear head though, as you’ll need to solve a number of intriguing puzzles. Rescue trapped villagers, uncover lost items hidden in deep forests, or rescue a poor, stranded puppy, the long list of fun tasks is bizzare to say the least.

Make sure to take the time to search out all the hidden secrets and side-quests in order to collect as many adventure points as possible. Adventure points grant access to bigger and even more



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